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About Love Lyric Video

In his distinctive lyric video for "About Love," Julian delves into experimentation by harnessing the capabilities of AI. The video unfolds the tale of the protagonist navigating dynamic streets in an unfamiliar downtown setting. Despite the challenges encountered in this urban landscape, the narrative underscores the enduring influence of love as the central driving force.

All the Lights Music Video

In the music video accompanying "All the Lights," Julian captures the essence of the 1970s disco era. Playfully drawing inspiration from past music videos, the visual presentation is adorned with vibrant lighting, creating a lively nocturnal atmosphere that seamlessly complements abundant film footage.

Can't Be Trusted Music Video

Music video for "Can't Be Trusted" portrays psychedelic illusions made featuring practical effects in a classic 70s cinematic style. Special thanks to Film Locale and 53:14 for making this video possible!

Hawaiian Sunshine Music Video

Music video for "Hawaiian Sunshine". The video features Super 8 film of Hawaii in the 70s. A traveling couple captured the footage, only for me to find 50 years later tucked away in storage. Their footage was gorgeous and deserved to be seen.

Not so Fast Music Video

Made taking vintage footage from the late 60s and recreating it today with modern crisp digital footage to show the parallels between how one can choose to embrace and embody the spirit of another generation.

Lost at Sea Lyric & Art Video

This video was made with 16mm film in which I painted, bleached, scratched and other various forms of abstract experimentation. Pair that with some moving words and you have a lyric video!

NPR Tiny Desk 2022 Contest Video

Check out our contest entry video for the Tiny Desk 2022 contest! The winner will perform on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Series as well as a few touring dates throughout the US!

Swamp Stomp Music Video

The very first JFP music video. I shot this video entirely with Kodak Super 8 film stock using my canon 518 auto zoom.


Disco Linktree (1).PNG

With a sound that can be described as a cross between Elton John and Tame Impala, art-pop singer/songwriter Julian Fulco Perron combines elements of power pop, psychedelic rock, funk music, folk artistry, and experimental genres to create music that shows his willingness to explore as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Influenced by the writing and recording techniques of Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney, JFP is able to create layers of sound featuring full horn and string sections, mellotron, and vintage keyboards.


Although heavily influenced by the songwriting and mystique of the 70s, Julian takes great influence from contemporary acts such as Tame Impala, Foxygen, Drugdealer, The Lemon Twigs, Ginger Root, and Bombargo.

In addition to his solo music career, JFP is a multi-talented artist who excels in filmmaking and composition. He has composed scores for numerous short films and commercial projects, demonstrating his prowess in creating captivating soundscapes. Moreover, JFP dedicates his time to analog videography, skillfully shooting Super 8 film for his music videos and engaging in diverse experimental art projects.

Julian has embarked on multiple US tours across the West, Midwest, and Southern states, and has supported National Acts such as Blue Öyster Cult, Bombargo, Mac Saturn, and Billy Tibbals.


Julian previously served as the lead singer of 21 Taras, an eclectic, Denver-based rock outfit, leading with a swagger and performative charm that rendered the band a sight to see.

JFP debuted a solo release on July 11th, 2020 entitled Dreamland in which he leaned fully into lush, beautiful, and disorienting psychedelia. Bolder Beat said in their album review, "Often through Beatles-esque transitions and studio wizardry, Julian weaves a common thread throughout his music whether he’s playing the stylings of early-seventies rock, bee-bop, or 60s psychedelia."


Julian’s sophomore album In My Garden which was released on November 11th, 2022, is a folk rock-inspired expedition, giving the audience a look into Julian’s evolving creativity. Driven by acoustic guitar and layered vocal harmony, the album provides the listener with a retro twist on modern folk rock. Westword alluded to the very 1970s vibe in their review of the album saying, “The record also takes sonic cues from the post-Beatles psychedelic pop of Paul McCartney, as well as the non-surf music the Beach Boys started putting out around the same time.”

The start of 2023 garnered extensive radio play for Julian; including from Colorado's largest independent radio station, Indie 102.3 when he was featured by them as an artist of the month for January. JFP continued to make waves throughout the spring by securing coveted festival slots at events like FoCoMX and Parker Days, while also sharing the stage with acclaimed national acts such as platinum-awarded songwriter Katie Toupin, California-based surf rockers Archer Oh!, and Brooklyn-based female-led disco queens Say She She.


Julian sets his eyes on the release of his third full-length LP; which has been described as a “late 70s era classic funk, soul and disco-inspired effort” with influences for the record including The Bee Gees, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Nile Rodgers and ABBA. He is also embarking on a European tour in the fall of 2023.

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Meet The Time Travelers

Meet The Band:

Fav 7_edited_edited.png

James Williams - bass

My favorite food is brownies (especially the herbally enhanced variety).

Hobbies include video games, petting cats, and making fire beats.

Some of my biggest musical influences are John Entwistle, Carol Kaye, John Paul Jones, and D'arcy Wretzky.

My favorite thing about playing music is that moment during a show where the stage fright has worn off and the groove takes over. Also all the hotties that come out to local shows (that means you, ya sexy beast).

Fun facts: Frogs can't swallow with their eyes open. Wait, fun facts about me? Uh...I can't swallow with my eyes open. I'm serious, I'm pretty sure it's a medical condition.

I don’t have a favorite food currently, although the long-standing holder of that title was NY-style pepperoni pizza. I’m an adventurous eater and love trying new foods at new (to me) restaurants. Lately, I’ve been really into Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food and, as an (East) Indian chick, of course I love good Indian food. Also, I am a sucker for noodle dishes and pasta (which one cannot eat politely no matter how much one tries). Bonus points awarded if I cooked the food. 

Fav 9_edited_edited.png

Samira Kadam - saxophone, vocals

I’m currently in school and work full-time, so I currently don’t have a life! But I did at one time and hope to have one again when I graduate. Back when I did have a life, I loved cooking new recipes that I saw chefs cook on TV, or recipes of foods I tried and loved at different restaurants (ask and I will gladly show you my gallery of food porn). I also love traveling the world, but not much of that has happened in the COVID years. I used to be a literature- (and nonfiction-) loving creative writer, but don’t do much of either anymore. What I can’t live without lately is lifting weights. It’s a passion I developed during the lockdown days and it helps me keep my sanity to this day. OH, and one activity near and dear to my heart: napping. As it’s been said, "sleep is the poor man’s nirvana." I find myself in nirvana quite a lot.


Biggest musical influences on my playing, and favorite artists: That perennially impossible question to answer, but I have realized over the years that I can narrow this list down to these wonderful artists:


1. The late, great Cannonball Adderley is my saxophone hero. I spent a good chunk of my life trying and failing in my attempt to be as great as he was. (Of course, in the process, I discovered my own sound and affirmed there’s no one I need to sound like but myself.) He was one of the most technically gifted and complete saxophonists who ever lived, in my opinion. No one combined that degree of improvisational innovation and raw soul like he did.


2. I was obsessed with Aimee Mann’s music for years, and still am (maybe to a less fangirl-ish level than before?). I haven’t heard a song of hers that didn’t send me into a state of reconsidering everything I thought I knew about life, or that helped me better understand the nature of man. She’s a poet in a cerebral songwriter’s body, a weaver of sound tapestries. The music is a strong dose of medicine and has changed me on deep levels.


3. I saw Kristin Chenoweth originate the role of Galinda (with a "Ga") the Good Witch in the Broadway production of ‘Wicked’ as a high school freshman, and I left the Gershwin theater in NYC knowing I was in love with her voice and MUST learn to sing. Progress report many years later? I sorta started, but it’s a work in progress. I listened to everything she ever created and started following her career, a process that uncovered to me what a deeply genre-fluid musician she is (believe me when I say she can sing anything, masterfully). This genre-fluidity is an influence that continues to this day.


4. Stevie Wonder helped me embrace "multi-instrumentalism" (let’s pretend that’s a word), and how music doesn’t need to be mediated through just one channel. My brain hurts thinking about how he performs on so many instruments with the level of skill he does, but I think he becomes the player each of his songs needs. He’s like a MIDI player, only analog…and human.


Favorite thing about playing music: I’ll follow in Fraulein Maria’s footsteps and give you a few of my favorite things - raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens… Nah, for real, tho:


1. Community: meeting other people who are the same kind of weird as you, bonding over it, and making some dope music together


2. Connection: getting all the feels listening to an artist, getting inspired, then transferring all those feels you felt to your audience.

3. Self-discovery and endless innovation: surprising myself with what comes out of my horn


4. Not knowing what I don’t know about music: there is always more to learn, some of which I’m not even aware of! So that gives me plenty to do in the rest of my musical life.

Fav 14_edited.png

Austin Salazar - guitar

From Denver, Colorado. When not on stage or at rehearsal, I can usually be found at the record store, walking my dogs, and drinking too much beer. I love to tinker with things, mostly guitars and cars and have an interest in analog music and photography. Carbohydrate enthusiast, nothing hits like a good slice or a greasy burger. I have a very wide range of musical inspiration, both classic and contemporary but the biggest influences are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Strokes. My favorite part about playing music is making something beautiful with my friends and hoping that it resonates with somebody.

Howdy. My name is Alec Lister, I’m the guy that usually has his face hidden by cymbals and other equipment in photos. I get enjoyment out of smacking and hitting things with my hands and sticks. Although I do "stick" to the drum kit most times. 

Time to be serious and talk some background, I started at a really young age but didn’t take music too seriously. About that awkward age of 12-13, My dad started to take me out to open stages and local jams. Self-taught at the time, I suddenly had the urge and drive to start playing, and I did, All. The. Time.

Fav 5_edited.png

Alec Lister - drums

Jump forward about two years, I met one of my best friends, James, through a mutual friend. We started a band that lasted about a month. But me and him picked ourselves back up and started over. 

Jump through a few different line ups. We finally hit it home with a five piece. That’s where most of this group met, and played together for about five years. Julian, Jimmy, James, Austin, and myself made up 21 Taras. We played countless hours together. Recording, playing live, writing music. Usually two to four times a week. 

It was a good streak while it lasted, it ended on decent terms. We were originally gonna take a month break. Then Covid hit, and just like everything else in the world, got put on hold.

James was invited to join another local band Float Like A Buffalo. Julian completed, and put out his first solo album. I’m pretty sure Jimmy, and Austin did the same as me and became home dwellers. Much like the rest of the world. 

I did some tracking for Julian’s second, and current album during Covid. And one day he reached out to me and asked if I would like to jam with him and the other two dudes. We still had it, but it was a little on the rusty side. About March 2022, we started a new group under Julian's solo material and other original material we’ve written together.

Once again, jump ahead a month or so and we become a five-piece again. Samira Joins our rag-tag music-making team. I will say that now having even one horn player is a necessity in any band. She absolutely kicks ass, and impresses me every time we play together. And, the other guys are top-notch, but you start to know how everyone "feels and reacts" after playing together for so long.

We become JFP and the Time Travelers. 

Other parts of life kinda just slide in between everything. Graduated high school, started working, all that good jazz. Music is such a big part of my life, and as multiple hobbies. I now collect vinyl of all genres. Retro or digital, listening to It’s my primary way to pass time. Recording it is on another level, it’s fun to just try all sorts of different ideas and angles to a song.

Now we’re all caught up, over 11 years of running around making a ruckus all over the states (nearest to Colorado). Had ups, downs, lefts, rights, caddywompus. Still beating the skins with a awesome group of people, playing awesome music.

Remember, it’s all good music. Just might not be meant for you...


Thank you!

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