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Julian Fulco Perron Releases Soul-Stirring Single "About Love" - An Introspective Journey of Connection and Resilience

About Love Artwork.jpg

Single artwork for “About Love” by Julian Fulco Perron. Photo courtesy of JFP.

Denver, Colorado - Julian Fulco Perron, a rising indie artist with a sound that blends Elton John's classic piano-pop melodies with Tame Impala's modern psych-rock experimentation, is set to release his latest single, "About Love", on August 11th. The track pulls from late 70s era funk and features a dark and haunting chord progression and melody that intertwine seamlessly, drawing listeners into a world of deep musical expression on an emotional journey of redemption, resilience, and the transformative power of love.


Throughout "About Love," JFP explores moments of vulnerability and fear, candidly expressing their experiences of solitude and apprehension. Yet, it is through the embrace of love that they find the strength to overcome their inner demons. As the lyrics poignantly state, 

"The times I’ve been alone, often afraid

Of what my mind can take

Anytime I close my eyes

You take me far away"

the song illustrates the power of a loved one to provide solace and transcendence.


"I believe that 'About Love' holds a universal message. We all crave connection and understanding, and this song seeks to capture the essence of that longing.” says Julian Fulco Perron. “I hope it resonates with listeners, reminding them of the beauty and power of love in their own lives."


"About Love" follows Julian's recent release, "All the Lights," a disco-infused groove that explores a similar theme. Both songs deliver a powerful message of hope and inspiration, particularly for individuals grappling with depression. They serve as a testament to the profound impact of love, support, and music in guiding people through their darkest moments, illuminating a path toward healing and resilience. The song, and a Bee Gees-influenced music video for “All the Lights” was released on March 28th, 2023.


Intriguing and introspective, "About Love" showcases Julian's ability to evoke profound emotions through music. With heartfelt lyrics and a captivating melody, the song shows the impact of companionship and support from a beloved individual.


After a strong start to 2023, which included being featured as the artist of the month for January by Indie 102.3, Colorado's largest independent radio station, JFP continued to make waves throughout the spring. He secured coveted festival slots at events like FoCoMX and Parker Days, while also sharing the stage with acclaimed national acts such as platinum-awarded songwriter Katie Toupin, California-based surf rockers Archer Oh!, and Brooklyn-based female-led disco queens Say She She.


Julian’s new single “About Love” will be released on August 11th, 2023, and can be pre-saved HERE.


More information on Julian and his upcoming releases can be found HERE.


About Julian Fulco Perron:


Labeled as an art-pop rock singer/songwriter, Julian Fulco Perron combines elements of power pop, psychedelic rock, funk music, folk artistry, and experimental genres to create music that shows his willingness to explore as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Influenced by the writing and recording techniques of Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney, JFP is able to create layers of sound featuring full horn and string sections, mellotron, and vintage keyboards. 

Known for his DIY approach to music and video production, JFP writes, records, and produces all of his own music, and has also created visually stunning music videos for each of his releases.


Experimentation is nothing new for JFP, whose 2020 debut album Dreamland  has been cited by Bolder Beat as “lush, beautiful, and disorienting psychedelia,” and featured a batch of music videos shot by Julian on Super 8 film from the 1960s. JFP continued to change and adapt his sound in 2022 with his second album In My Garden, which was identified as a folk-rock-inspired expedition.


Julian’s constantly evolving sound has been described as a cross between “Elton John and Tame Impala” and he has no intentions of slowing down his musical exploration as he sets his eyes on the release of his third full-length LP; which has been described as a “late 70s era classic funk, soul and disco-inspired effort” with influences for the record including The Bee Gees, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Nile Rodgers and ABBA. He is also embarking on a European tour in the fall of 2023.


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