Julian Fulco Perron Partners with Denver’s Vintage Boutique, Garage Sale Vintage to Celebrate His New Album


Julian Fulco Perron’s new album In My Garden is set for release November 11th and he is celebrating with a listening party at Garage Sale Vintage, a boutique shop within Denver that specializes in vintage clothing and vinyl. If you have ever met Julian, you know that he loves listening to vinyl and selecting great 70’s clothing from his favorite consignment shops. This makes this pairing undeniably perfect for the celebration. 


In My Garden is inspired by Julian’s gardening hobby that he began during the pandemic. “I filled my home with over 30 houseplants,” Julian says, “I felt a different energy by being surrounded with plants. When you isolate yourself working with the soil, you just feel so in tune with nature and feel at one with its properties. My album is a result of that immersion I experienced by caring for the plants and vegetation.” JFP has released a few singles over the summer to give a look into the album. As a part of the 53:14 Music Video Experiment, he was chosen to partner with Colorado’s Film Locale to create a music video for one of these singles entitled “Can’t Be Trusted”. This can be viewed on his YouTube channel HERE.


JFP also continues to change and adapt his sounds to more and more stylings. This new album, a more folk-rock inspired expedition, gives the audience a look into Julian’s evolving creativity. Driven by acoustic guitar and layered with strings, horns, and mellotron (more so than a Beatles record), this album is bound to provide the listener with a retro twist on modern folk/rock. Julian expands on his new work: “Musically, a lot of the album is built off writings from an acoustic guitar. This guitar use is presented very sparsely at times. At other moments, the record is filled with dynamic, multi-instrumental turns which reinforces my typical style of a densely layered production.”


The listening party will be held at Garage Sale’s Belmar location. The address is 390 S Teller Street in Lakewood, CO. The event is free entry and will provide an opportunity for friends and fans to speak with Julian and listen alongside him to the new album. For more information, you can check out the event page HERE. More information on Julian and his upcoming performances can be found HERE.